Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turn Your iPad into a Document Camera

I visited with a teacher last week, and her document camera isn't working well.  Not sure what was wrong with it, but the first thing that came to mind was "use your iPad".  This teacher already had been using her iPad that way.

Then later in the week I come across the app called Stage.  This free app is designed to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard or document camera.

You have the ability to annotate over the top of the iPad camera, live, without taking the picture.  Tools include a Pen, an eraser, several colors, and sticky notes.  The only tool missing is a highlighter pen.  The app is only a couple months old, so I'm hoping an update will provide enhancements.

If you are using Apple TV or Reflection, you don't need to be tethered to  your document camera, as Stage will let you take your document camera with you.

 A few possibilities include
  • annotating on top of a worksheet without importing the image into another app
  • annotating on top of student work
  • annotating on top of a student science lab experiment
  • annotating on top of math manipulatives constructed by a student
  • annotating on top of a student's art project 


  1. Good to know about this free app. The one I use all the time, however, is the $4.99 app called, "BoardCam." It'll do all that you showed, plus it has the ability to record a video (with audio) of you interacting with the object in the camera. Plus, it'll let you freeze the object, so you can pass the ipad around and let the students work with that frozen image - even recording themselves interacting with it. Check it out. It's hard to beat for $5.

  2. Always good to know of alternatives that have been tested "in the field" that we can share with teachers wanting the ability to do more! Thanks!

  3. This is great, Joe! Thank you so much for sharing & I had to Scoop it! Now...what can we do to bring you back to Twitter? LOL