Thursday, March 20, 2014

Text On Pictures - Phonto and TypoPic

Do you have a need to insert text onto a photo?  Two great apps are available called  Phonto and TypoPic. Phonto has always been free, and currently TypoPic is free, but regularly will cost a couple bucks.  Both apps are iPad and iPhone compatible.

With both apps you can use a picture from your camera roll, or take one, and insert text on your picture.  Some of the text formatting options include font choices, color, size, and style. 

Using Phonto you can add mulitple text blocks so each one has a different format type.  Also, since Phonto is free, there will be an ad running across the top, however exported photos are ad-free.

Screen Shot from Phonto

Using TypoPic you can add a variety of labels to your text, text shadow, and rotate the text in both 2-D and 3-D for additional effects.

Screen Shot from TypoPic

In both apps you can  export the photo to your camera roll, as well as post to social media.

As a classroom teacher maybe you want students to label photos for identification purposes, such as a map or parts of a plant.  Have students create a poem written on a photo, or a vocabulary description.  Students could also label photos identifying mathematical relationships. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

iPad/Chromebook Summit

iPad/Chromebook Summit

June 17, 2014
All Day Training – TimeTBD
Pendleton High School

Several presenters, many sessions, and loads of peer to peer networking will be available to further your knowledge of how to implement iPads or Chromebooks into the curriculum.

A website will be coming soon.

For more information contact