Thursday, May 29, 2014

Number Line

Integrating Math Manipulatives into a classroom can provide a rich experience for kids learning about math concepts and number sense.  One manipulative that is most likely under utilized is the number line.

Clarity Innovations has created a free Number Line App for the iPad.  This app can be used to help students visualize the four major mathematical operations.

Options in the app allow you to change the tic marks for several different common increments, or you can even enter in your own custom numbering.  There is a setting for tic mark spacing, and a setting to cover up the tic mark labels. 

 Once you adjust your settings, you can use the text tool to type in numeric expressions or equations.

Finally there is a jump tool where you can bring in your jumps, as many as you like, both forward and backwards for addition and subtraction.  The jump interval can be manipulated to be as long or short as you wish, with the interval visible or not. 


An annotation tool allows you to add free hand items for additional clarity.

Currently this app is limited to just positive numbers. Several people have posted comments requesting to have the number line extend into negative numbers.  The app also does not provide a way to share your work, so if you want students to create images they would need to take a screen shot of their iPad using Home - ON/OFF sequence.

The Number Line App is a great resource for elementary students learning the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while also strengthening their number sense.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Math Tappers - A Suite of Free iPad/iPhone Apps

Are you looking for some iPhone or iPad apps that allow students to practice particular math skills that seem to be keeping them behind the pace of a class?  Look into MathTappers Apps and check out the apps they have to offer.

  • Math Tappers Numberline  Students practice placing numbers on a numberline under a variety of options, such as between 0-100, between 0-10, or between -10-10, and with or without tic marks.

  • Math Tappers Fund Sums  Students practice addition facts for sums totaling 5, 6, 7, on up to 20, or 100.  Students can play in a ten frames mode viewing a picture version of the sum or view the numeric representation of each sum.
  • Math Tappers Multiples Students practice multiplication facts for products equaling 5, 6, 7 on up to 15, or 25.  Students can play in apple mode which provides a picture representation of a multiplication array, or view the numeric representation of each product.
  • Math Tappers ClockMaster Students practice converting different representations of a traditional analog clock into a corresponding digital representation or even as text.
  • Math Tappers Estimate Fractions  Students practice their understanding of fraction representation by relating them to the nearest half, and extend their understanding by completing addition and subtraction problems.
  • Math Tappers Equivalents  Students practice learning the equivalent representations between fractions, decimals, and percents using a number line, circle graph, or array model.
  • Math Tappers Carbon Choices  Students track their activity for a week to determine how green their lifestyle is towards the environment as the app calculates the amount of Carbon Dioxide is emitted into the air from their consumptions.

Each MathTapper App is free to use, and without ads. Most of the Apps, all but Clock Master and Carbon Choices, track data for multiple users by allowing each user to complete the App activity under their own name.  Thus, the student and teacher can obtain feedback on progress gained over a time period.

MathTappers Apps are perfect for an iPad or iPod center, or if you only have one device and you let the students share.  If students have devices at home, these would also be perfect apps for kids to practice skills over the summer.