Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mirroring your iPad on a PC with AirServer

There are lots of option for using your iPad with your projector.
A VGA cord straight to the projector (requiring you to be tethered to your projector) and the apple TV set up.  We have some great tips for Apple TV with older projectors that we will post about later.
 On a Mac there has been the option of purchasing Mac app called Reflection which mirrors your iPad to your computer (thus allowing you to project what you are doing on your iPad through the projector).  There is a time  limited trial available on their site, and in limited, I mean 10 minutes.... 

VERY recently AirServer came out - enabling you to mirror your iOS device on your PC and/or Mac.  The PC version is a pre-release version with only mirroring (audio will come with later free updates) thus it is Version 0.9!

With a 7 day free trial you will be able to get plenty of time playing with it to see if this is the right choice for you as a way to project your iPad.  Once audio is enabled on the PC version, I personally feel the $7.99 price tag for a standard license is well worth it. 

My desktop with Geoboard mirroring via AirServer

A few notes:
  • Again, with the PC version there is currently no audio as part of the mirroring.  This will change as updates are rolled out for free...... so grab it while the price is low! 
  • Notice on the download - it asks for you to do this through a facebook account....I did it and chose private as to who could see my activity on facebook.  I have not had them post a single thing on my account since I downloaded the trial.  
  • I did have to do a Direct X install/update on my computer in order for the download to work.  
  • There is nothing to install on your iPad. 
  • You can rename your computer, though setting a passcode (so students don't take over) is not activated for the PC version....yet.....
  • But even without a passcode - Joe was mirroring on my computer and even though I was clicking on "airplay" on my iPad, I was not able to kick him off.  I did not mirror until he turned his off. 


  1. Did you have any trouble getting the iPad and PC to link? I can't seem to get the AirServer icon to show on my iPad. Can't get them to mirror. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Same issue here. AirPlay (and mirroring) work great with my Apple TV, but AirServer Mirroring does not work with my iPad 2.

  3. We haven't had any trouble here in the office or at home. Of course, both computer and ipad need to be on the same wireless, needs windows 7 or vista, and as one of our IT out in a district found, there is something to do with having itunes on the computer as well.... not sure how that ties in, but after installing he was able to get his airplay to show. Of course, this is still in beta, so there are always kinks to work out.

  4. the Apple bonjour service must be running in irder for your idevice to see the computer. That comes with iTunes by default, but you can download standalone