Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iDevice Cadre : 4Rivers in Ontario - May 15th


Cadre Starts promptly at 4:00.
  1. Welcome - Please remember to Sign In!  
  2. Session #1 - Facetime Conversation
    • Steps to start:
      • Settings - Facetime - make sure it is turned on
      • Verify your email is ready to receive calls or add a new email to receive calls
    • Facetime with Partner
    • Capture video and pictures on chosen topic to use later
  3. Session #2 - Tools for Screencast recording on iDevice
    • iPad only app Educreations
    •  PageSend - iPad App PageSend - iTouch App
    • Create and record a mini-lesson using Educreations or PageSend (ideas include - how to solve a math problem, reviewing a science concept, or explaining differences of singular versus plural representation of a word)
  4. Session #3 - Create Video with iDevice app Videolicious 
    • Be sure location services is turned on for your camera
      • Go to Settings - Location Services, find Camera
    • Using pictures from you iPad, create a videolicious movie.  Finished product will by similar to a news anchor reporting a story, where you won't be able to align photos with words.
    • 3 step process: choose your photo's, talk for 30-45 seconds (either share your personal story or have a conversation with another person), select background music.
    • Final product will be auto saved in your photos
  5. Session #4 - Shareout in Groups 
  6. Last Cadre of the Year! 
  7. Announcement: FYI Google Summit in LaGrande May 19th  

More resources for those that want to extend the concepts from today

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