Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Apps Task Ideas - Great Resource!

I recently added a new resource to the App Resource page.  It's a spreadsheet created by Brad Wilson at www.21innovate.com.  Brad Wilson's site and blog are an amazing resource for integrating all types of tools into your teaching.  Many of you ask us for lists of apps, this is the place to go.  Under the tab on his page called "Free Resources" along the top, he has lists..... lots of lists.....based on what tool you want to use. This is the type of site I could spend hours on!

But we will focus on the spreadsheet that I put on the App Resource page. 

Notice along the top there are tabs for each other subject areas he has this broken in to.

  The YELLOW highlighted squares are each time a new app is mentioned.  Notice that with 'Middle School Math" it is highlighted once at the top and then underneath there are four more posts. Each time it is posted, there is a different idea of a task to use that app for.  I love that it gives the VERB for writing your goals for the lesson you are using it with, as well as both the traditional and revised Bloom's. 

I think this resource gives teachers just starting some great ideas for how to incorporate the apps into your lessons, taking it beyond just low level Bloom's tasks or playing games for free time. 

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