Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creating Links on your Homescreen

One of the best features for an iPad are all the apps.  However, there are many more online resources to provide for students.

There are several strategies you can use to get links to students.  You may have created a web page with links, entered links into an Edmodo library, or saved links in a bookmarks folder on a computer.  Another strategy is to create a direct link to a website on your iPad.

To do this navigate to the website using Safari on your iPad.  Find the "share with" button and click "add to home screen". 

The iPad will supply a name for the link, which you can change, and an icon.  Now your webpage will act like an app, just tap it and go. 

Below are a bakers dozen websites as examples for iPads or iPods intended for student use. There are many many more choices, so please leave a comment if there is another good website you'd recommend.  And as a reminder, safari does not support flash so be sure your website is not dependent upon that technology. 

News Related Sites for Students
1. Tween Tribune - student news magazine
2. Youngzine - student news magazine
3. CNN student news - student channel from CNN
4. Channel One - student news channel

Science Related Sites for Students
5. National Geographic for Kids - collection of science related materials for students
6. Planet Archive - collection of images and videos from our planet, many good animal resources
7. Smithsonian Museums and Zoo - access to museums and zoos from Smithsonian

Reading and Research Related Sites for Students
8. Internet Public Library for Kids - free public library for students
9. Childrens Storybooks Online - younger students books online
10. Page by Page Books Online - young adult and adult books online

History Sites for Students
11. Lewis and Clark - example of a historical topic for Lewis and Clark
12. This Day in History - History Channel's "This Day in History"

Learning Response System for Students
13. Socrative Student Login - student access to join a socrative room, teacher access would be on teacher device

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