Friday, April 25, 2014

Klikaklu - Picture Matching Treasure Hunts

Are you familiar with Geocaching, where you use GPS to find a hidden treasure by navigating to a location and using some clues if necessary?  Do you remember the scavenger hunts you went on as a kids where you collected a series of objects from around the neighborhood?

Klikaklu is a free app available for iPhone, iPad, and even Android.  This free app allows you to navigate through a modern treasure hunt.  At each stop there is a photo, find the photo, match it with your iDevice, and proceed onto the next stage. If you complete the hunt successfully, a reward may be waiting on the end.

Where do you find these treasure hunts, or better yet, can you make them?  Klikaklu just revised their app so during the first seven days after installation you can create treasure hunts.  After seven days, you'll need to purchase the upgrade for $4.99 to be able to create new or modify existing treasure hunts.

When creating a Klikaklu hunt you will have two options, either linearly where students progress from clue to clue in order, or as a scavenger hunt where they get all the clues up front and can find them in any order.

This would be a great activity to have incoming students at your school, for instance Freshman orientation day, find different locations throughout the school property.

You could use this activity for regular classes where each stop is a question, math, science, or language arts, and they must generate answers along the way.  Klikaklu has this feature built in where you can have students answer multiple choice, true false, short text, or number questions at each clue and upon completion of the hunt.

For creative writers you could put stops where words are visible,  students must bring back the words they found, and when finished write a story using all the words they chose to bring back.

Klikaklu would be very entertaining for those special days throughout your school calendar. 

Who knows, maybe you'll find that pot of gold at the end of your next treasure hunt.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yooukids - Monitor Youtube Playlists for Kids

Yooukids is a nice free iPhone and iPad app allowing you to create playlists of videos to younger children keeping them from surfing Youtube for anything and everything. 

Once the app is installed, the default mode is "kid" mode, where they have access to playlists.

In order to put on additional playlists, you set up a 4 digit PIN, login to your own Youtube account for personal playlists, or search for public playlists.  After you find the playlist, you can either sync the entire set or sync individual videos.

Yooukids would work great in Primary classrooms with iPods or iPads.  A teacher could sync playlists of a variety of books read online, like Storyline Online, and students could watch or listen on their own without the teacher in fear of kids wandering into Youtube cyber space.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Givit - take a video and make it awesome!

So a request from a student for a way to speed up video footage on the iPad quickly led me to this free video app.  Givit Video Editor is a free video editing app that allows you to use multiple clips, add effects, titles, photos, music, and filters.  And there is also NO length restriction!

The effects is what I was drawn to.  There is the ability to slow or speed up the video as well as many other effects.  It's exactly what this student needed for her video.

By signing up with a Givit account, you are also given 5 GB of online storage on their website, with the ability to share publicly or privately.  From your iPhone or iPad you can also save to your photos or post to a social media account.  There is a tie in to social media via the givit account, much like instagram, which will allow others to find the user name and follow the videos.  I have not seen anything inappropriate, with the majority of the videos being sports clips, etc.

Privacy is always a concern and it is the option to make all videos and posts private, or as I did in a practice video, just save to the camera roll and not upload it to the givit account.  Because of the automatic tie in to a social network, this app is best with older students (13+) with permission, or as an app to go to on the teacher device to work on special projects.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Word Clouds by ABCya

Word Clouds is a newly released word cloud creator app for both the iPad and the iPhone.  Very simple to use and currently free, this app would be a great addition to your iPads.  

Type or copy and paste text into the app and create.  Use the tools along the top to change features such as font, word count, randomize, layout, and color.

 There are no ads or watermarks both in the app or on the finish project, which is a saved photo to your camera roll.

Similar apps include:

Phoetic ($0.99) Create Word Clouds on Photos 

WordSalad (Lite or $2.99)  

Cloudart ($0.99) iPad Only 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chatterpix : Make In-Animate Objects Come To Life

Chatterpix is a very simple to use free iPad or iPhone app where you to take a picture of an object,
Draw on a mouth,

Add a recording, up to 30 seconds max,

Place on some bling, like glasses, hats, or a tie,

Then share the final video.

One nice feature that makes this app appealing with a classroom of students is you can share to your camera roll, or via email, thus no social media accounts necessary.

There are two versions of Chatterpix.  The original version contains bling choices that include a martini glass or a beer mug.  There is a Chatterpix Kids option with slight differences, like no alcoholic drink blings, and only allows sharing into your camera roll.

All your completed Pix are stored in the gallery, which will allow you to go in and edit any previously saved Pix.  This is perfect if you want to create a conversation between two objects. Go into a saved Pix and re-record a new message into another short video clip, saving time from remaking the character all over again.  Then use a video editor to stitch all your video clips into a conversation.

A great creativity app for all students, and adults, as I'm hooked.