Monday, April 21, 2014

Givit - take a video and make it awesome!

So a request from a student for a way to speed up video footage on the iPad quickly led me to this free video app.  Givit Video Editor is a free video editing app that allows you to use multiple clips, add effects, titles, photos, music, and filters.  And there is also NO length restriction!

The effects is what I was drawn to.  There is the ability to slow or speed up the video as well as many other effects.  It's exactly what this student needed for her video.

By signing up with a Givit account, you are also given 5 GB of online storage on their website, with the ability to share publicly or privately.  From your iPhone or iPad you can also save to your photos or post to a social media account.  There is a tie in to social media via the givit account, much like instagram, which will allow others to find the user name and follow the videos.  I have not seen anything inappropriate, with the majority of the videos being sports clips, etc.

Privacy is always a concern and it is the option to make all videos and posts private, or as I did in a practice video, just save to the camera roll and not upload it to the givit account.  Because of the automatic tie in to a social network, this app is best with older students (13+) with permission, or as an app to go to on the teacher device to work on special projects.

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