Tuesday, August 20, 2013

iPads in Pilot Rock Training

Objective : To become more familiar with the iPad by using 21st Century Learning skills preferred by students.  Then start exploring and finding what fits in your classroom.


8:30-9:30 iPad Functions with Q&A

Basic Settings
    • Save a Website to home screen (Share Button)
    • Gestures
    • Brightness and Wallpaper
    • Turning Off or Sleeping iPad
    • Task Bar
    • App Organization - folders and deleting apps
    • Installing an App
    • Location Services and Notifications
    • Safari: Google search, reader, images
    • PDF to iBooks P21 Common Core Toolkit
    • Pictures: take them and where are they
More advanced settings

9:30-10:00 Activity 1: Design your Lock Screen

  • Use Phonto to create and save your image
  • Find photo and share button to Wallpaper
  • Use as Lock Screen
  • The app in the classroom: A vocabulary word lesson or label an image.

10:15-10:45  Activity 2: Create a Digital Story

  • Topic: Inside My Classroom or Your Summer Experience
  • The App: 30hands
  • Collect the photos first, then use the app to verbalize thoughts on each photo.
  • Use share button in app to publish movie to camera roll
  • The app in the classroom: Solve a math problem, explain a science experiment, tell a story, or  talk about something in history.

10:45-11:15 Activity 3: Explore different grade appropriate apps

Some apps to try out

11:15 Next Steps

Monday, August 12, 2013

SW Oregon Leadership Agenda

Tech Visions Session

Remind 101 - Join our session by sending a text message to
971-340-4402   and inside the message type @swolc

Today's World
Digital Citizenship
"Our mission statement clearly says that we teach responsible citizenship and lifelong learning," explains Patrick Larkin. "I don't think that you can teach responsible citizenship in the year 2012 if you're ignoring digital citizenship and the use of technology." -
Examples of Integration
Making decisions on what to teach begins with standards, so making decisions on which tech to use/purchase starts with school/district goals
Visionary Reflection
Link to other resources