Tuesday, August 20, 2013

iPads in Pilot Rock Training

Objective : To become more familiar with the iPad by using 21st Century Learning skills preferred by students.  Then start exploring and finding what fits in your classroom.


8:30-9:30 iPad Functions with Q&A

Basic Settings
    • Save a Website to home screen (Share Button)
    • Gestures
    • Brightness and Wallpaper
    • Turning Off or Sleeping iPad
    • Task Bar
    • App Organization - folders and deleting apps
    • Installing an App
    • Location Services and Notifications
    • Safari: Google search, reader, images
    • PDF to iBooks P21 Common Core Toolkit
    • Pictures: take them and where are they
More advanced settings

9:30-10:00 Activity 1: Design your Lock Screen

  • Use Phonto to create and save your image
  • Find photo and share button to Wallpaper
  • Use as Lock Screen
  • The app in the classroom: A vocabulary word lesson or label an image.

10:15-10:45  Activity 2: Create a Digital Story

  • Topic: Inside My Classroom or Your Summer Experience
  • The App: 30hands
  • Collect the photos first, then use the app to verbalize thoughts on each photo.
  • Use share button in app to publish movie to camera roll
  • The app in the classroom: Solve a math problem, explain a science experiment, tell a story, or  talk about something in history.

10:45-11:15 Activity 3: Explore different grade appropriate apps

Some apps to try out

11:15 Next Steps

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