Monday, February 27, 2012

iDevice Cadre Agenda for Feb 29

Cadre Starts promptly at 4:00.
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  1. Welcome - Cadre Purpose
  2. iPad Continiuum mixer activity
  3. Preparing your iPad for projects
  4. Your wallpaper drawing
  5. Your wallpaper photo
  6. Speed Date
    • Think of one app, or a tip, or interesting how to you want to share regarding the iPad with others in the cadre.
  7. Explore a Date
  8. Collaborate
  9. Cadres scheduled for these dates
    • Mar 14 -
    • Apr 11 -
    • May 9 -

Friday, February 17, 2012

Registration for iDevice Cadre is Open

iDevice Cadre
Wednesday, Feb. 29th from 4:00 to 5:30
at Pendleton IMESD
Register Here 
Looking at some new apps, networking with other education professionals, and discussing implementation with students.

We are also looking at trainings in other areas of the region.  So if you are not able to make this one, or live further away, more options will be coming!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Must Have ePub for iPads in the Classroom

A free epub (an electronic book) was put together by Lisa Johnson and Yolanda Barker of called Hot Apps for HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills).   This was put together as a supplement to an idevice workshop offered at TCEA 2012 that incorporate Blooms, with apps, and lesson plans.... all in one place.

Simple step by step instructions, with screenshots, explaining how to use the app and how to use it in a lesson which addresses different higher order thinking skills.

You will need to be sure that you have iBooks downloaded on your iPad and once you download the book, you will find it in your iBooks shelf.  It is well worth the free.....I'm surprised they are not charging for it!

Hot Apps 4 HOTS - Lisa Johnson & Yolanda BarkerHot Apps for HOTS (free) 

iBooks - Apple     iBooks (if you need it!)

image from

Resource for Lessons and New Resource Sites

I came across techchef4u while looking at apps and added it to the app resource tab.   This is a blog with most of the posts about free app reviews.  But splattered among the app reviews are posts with example lessons.  As a teacher - having the visual of seeing how the apps are being used can make it that much easier to implement in the classroom.  An easy way to navigate to the lessons is to choose the iPad Lesson link under categories.

Another new site on the app resource tab is Best Apps for Kids.  Another site that has reviewed apps, screenshots, grade level, and subject level breakdowns. But the bonus of this site is Free App Fridays.  Free is worth a look!

Happy App Hunting!