Thursday, April 3, 2014

Word Clouds by ABCya

Word Clouds is a newly released word cloud creator app for both the iPad and the iPhone.  Very simple to use and currently free, this app would be a great addition to your iPads.  

Type or copy and paste text into the app and create.  Use the tools along the top to change features such as font, word count, randomize, layout, and color.

 There are no ads or watermarks both in the app or on the finish project, which is a saved photo to your camera roll.

Similar apps include:

Phoetic ($0.99) Create Word Clouds on Photos 

WordSalad (Lite or $2.99)  

Cloudart ($0.99) iPad Only 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chatterpix : Make In-Animate Objects Come To Life

Chatterpix is a very simple to use free iPad or iPhone app where you to take a picture of an object,
Draw on a mouth,

Add a recording, up to 30 seconds max,

Place on some bling, like glasses, hats, or a tie,

Then share the final video.

One nice feature that makes this app appealing with a classroom of students is you can share to your camera roll, or via email, thus no social media accounts necessary.

There are two versions of Chatterpix.  The original version contains bling choices that include a martini glass or a beer mug.  There is a Chatterpix Kids option with slight differences, like no alcoholic drink blings, and only allows sharing into your camera roll.

All your completed Pix are stored in the gallery, which will allow you to go in and edit any previously saved Pix.  This is perfect if you want to create a conversation between two objects. Go into a saved Pix and re-record a new message into another short video clip, saving time from remaking the character all over again.  Then use a video editor to stitch all your video clips into a conversation.

A great creativity app for all students, and adults, as I'm hooked.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Text On Pictures - Phonto and TypoPic

Do you have a need to insert text onto a photo?  Two great apps are available called  Phonto and TypoPic. Phonto has always been free, and currently TypoPic is free, but regularly will cost a couple bucks.  Both apps are iPad and iPhone compatible.

With both apps you can use a picture from your camera roll, or take one, and insert text on your picture.  Some of the text formatting options include font choices, color, size, and style. 

Using Phonto you can add mulitple text blocks so each one has a different format type.  Also, since Phonto is free, there will be an ad running across the top, however exported photos are ad-free.

Screen Shot from Phonto

Using TypoPic you can add a variety of labels to your text, text shadow, and rotate the text in both 2-D and 3-D for additional effects.

Screen Shot from TypoPic

In both apps you can  export the photo to your camera roll, as well as post to social media.

As a classroom teacher maybe you want students to label photos for identification purposes, such as a map or parts of a plant.  Have students create a poem written on a photo, or a vocabulary description.  Students could also label photos identifying mathematical relationships. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

iPad/Chromebook Summit

iPad/Chromebook Summit

June 17, 2014
All Day Training – TimeTBD
Pendleton High School

Several presenters, many sessions, and loads of peer to peer networking will be available to further your knowledge of how to implement iPads or Chromebooks into the curriculum.

A website will be coming soon.

For more information contact

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ask3, a Collaborative Screencasting App for the Classroom

Many of us in education have a few "Go To" apps we think work well in the classroom.  Some of these apps are free, while others come at a cost.

For example, Educreations is a great free screencasting app, or you can pay for a different screencasting app called Explain Everything which contains many more rich features.  However, the question comes up quite often how do students share their creative content with the class?

Try Ask3.  This is a wonderful, free, screencasting app designed for collaborative classroom use. iPad only with IOS 6.1 or later.

To begin, a teacher creates themselves a teacher account.  Then they create a class which uses a class code.

Students sign up with their first name, and the class code.  No email or online registration required for the students.

Anyone can create a screen cast video using the basic tools, such as annotations, record, and inserting images.  While creating the video one can pause and start throughout.  However, there is not a feature which allows you to modify your audio content without starting over.

Once a person thinks their video is ready to share, they upload it to the class with a title.  Everyone in the class will find all the videos in the "Bulletin Board" section.

While viewing the video one can leave comments, both in written form and as a video.  The cool aspect is you can pause the original video, then leave your video comment creating a video beginning where you paused.  A viewer can also star videos and/or comments that they want to flag as helpful.

This tool can be great for math students to share math problems or exit tickets, science students to explain concepts, social studies students to share map annotations, elementary students to share animal or state reports, and much more. 

Give this app a try, as it may become one of your "Go To" apps.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Virtually Visit the Smithsonian on the iPad!

The online virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has always been a favorite resource of mine for the classroom.  Students can virtually take a field trip and tour the many displays in 360 views of different areas of the museum.  There is now a mobile friendly version of this site that has made this site possible on the mobile devices, both iOS and Android.  

Choose the gallery that you would like to visit from the list.  Each gallery is full of many rooms. Geology, Egyptian mummies, mammals, the Ice Age, fossils.... just to name a few! 

Inside each room your can use your finger to move in all directions and zoom in closer on displays.  Tap on the images along the bottom to move, or use the arrows on the iPad to move to the next room. 

This is a mobile friendly website, not an app.  To save it to your iPad for easy access by students, add the address to the Home Screen.  

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kids Discover Holiday Specials - Antarctica and Washington DC

Kids Discover has released many awesome iPad apps full of information on various subjects, and during this Holiday Season two of these apps are now free.  Hurry and download Antarctica and Washington DC before the price jumps back up, especially if you have a classroom set of iPads.

These apps provide great non-fictional reading opportunities for students as they will learn all about topics and issues surrounding both Antarctica and Washington DC, including people, animals, and the environment.

The app also provides an opportunity to view excellent photography along with many short video clips.

You can explore among several areas, play a few educational games, or take a quiz.

Download these apps soon and explore, I'm sure you'll learn much from exploring with these excellent apps from Kids Discover.