Monday, May 14, 2012

Use your iPad for PD in PJs!

We posted about using Pinterest to find ideas and held a iDevice Cadre in March which talked about using ibooks and ebooks on your iPad, but there are lots of other ways to use your iPad for your own personal professional development.

Youtube:  Subscribe to channels that are of interest.  Many great online webinars will post their sessions to youtube for later watching.
Some channels to subscribe to:
  • Google in Education - just posted their EduOnAir sessions - 45 different topics about all things google.
  • YouTube Teachers - Choose from a list of topics that are relevant to you.  
  • TEDTalks and TEDEducation  - 18 minute long talks from some of the world renown leaders in all areas.

Podcasts:  On the music player of your iPad (have you used it yet?) you can download many free podcasts to listen to on your own time.  Some great iPad or Education focused podcasts are:

Zite on the iPad
Flipboard on the iPad
Zite or Flipboard:  Apps that allow the user to choose topics of interests, it aggregates articles, posts, RSS feeds and puts them all in one place.  This is handy, being able to read topics on education from a number of different sources all in one place.  Comparing the two:  Zite is easier to begin with.  It gives you a list of common topics or you can search common topics.  Flipboard is more personalized.  You can add your google reader feed, twitter, facebook, etc.  Both apps allow you to instantly email a link, retweet, or facebook the article that you are reading to share easily with others.
Here is a few resources for more information:
15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard from Cool Cat Teacher Blog
If You Like Flipboard, Check Out Zite - It's Easier to Use by ReadWriteWeb

Twitter:  Give it a chance - you don't have to be a thousand tweet a day person - you don't even have to tweet a single tweet!  It's already loaded on your iPad and you can use it as a pretty powerful PD tool.
Sign in and follow the hashtags that are of interest to you.
I like:  #edtech, #edchat, #mlearning, #ipadchat, #ipaded..... to name a few.
I also follow some of my favorite bloggers, which is nice because they often tweet a link when they post to their blog.
For those of you wanting a little guidance here is:  The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook For Teachers by Edudemic

Of course, if you like real people interaction style professional development, don't forget to sign up for PadCamps happening out here in Eastern Oregon in June and July! 

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