Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Educational Free Apps!

Marcel  - Free for Today - 5 stars
KidsandBeyond LLC has had various apps throughout the week (I believe until the 15th of May) that they have reduced to free.  Today's app is Marcel - an ebook about a bookworm.  I've noticed with the other ebooks by this company that many include comprehension questions and other interactives that we don't always see in ebooks.  This book says that there are updates coming that will include some of these features.

Other Kidsand Beyond always Free Apps include:

Ed's Jungle HD - a hide and seek game for students to explore and learn about 20 different jungle animals.  This is a new released app, no ads, and lots of interactive for the younger children.

For a limited time - Toca Doctor is free.  Smart Apps for Kids has a great write up here. There is also an iPhone app for this as well.  

Eclipses - In honor of the upcoming solar eclipse here is a free app that will show time, locations, etc of all upcoming sky events, including the upcoming transit of Venus.   In access wikipedia online to give more information on the events.

Learnin' USA -iPhone/iTouch
Learnin' USA - iPad
Extra practice for learning the states and capitals.  This is also a new app, so not many ratings on this.

As far as other items, I'm see lots of "sales" on apps - such as the Oceanhouse Media's Smithsonian Apps for $0.99.  

If you are looking for more interactive ebooks for your iPad here is a link to Digital Storytime's list of Free ebooks based on their ratings.

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