Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fetch! Lunch Rush App Math and Augmented Reality in Primary Classes

We've discussed Augmented Reality on the blog before and as we thought, more apps are coming out that incorporate the augmented reality into the activities.  One of these I shared recently at a Math Workshop for teachers was FETCH! Lunch Rush.

Ruff Ruffman from PBS Kids sends the students on a mission to help fulfill orders.  Based on the problem given, students must find the number "target" in the classroom that makes the problem correct.  When they hold their camera up to the "target" they check their answer and tap to submit.

Up to 4 students can play using one device practicing their addition and subtraction skills.  Since Ruff explains the instructions, this app could be used from Kinder on up.

Already we are getting feedback from teachers who have taken this app back to the classroom.  It is a fun, interactive, up out of your seat and moving, way to practice their addition and subtraction facts.

 Targets can be found at:  Printables for the App 


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