Monday, February 25, 2013

Tellagami - Another Fun Digital Storytelling Tool!

I just came across another free tool for a way to create digital storytelling with your students, Tellagami.  This app is a simplified Xtranormal (check out that website if you haven't before!).

Tellagami allows one character, that can be moderately adapted; male or female, hair, eye color, a few clothing selections. Choose their emotion and then either record audio or type in what you want the character to say.

The character is then placed into any of your own photos, from preloaded photos, or take a picture with the camera.  This is a key for classroom use.  Have students describe a location from a field trip,  put their character in the historic place they are studying, make a video explaining hall way behavior, and so on.

There is no account needed to create and no ads (other than a Tellagami ad at the end of the video).

Finished product, called a "Gami", can be up to 30 seconds in length.  It then can be emailed (as a link to view on, saved to photo roll (email from your photo roll as an .MOV file), texted to a phone, or sent out to a social network.

Here's a sample using the text feature to create the audio.

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