Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stop Motion Video Making with iDevices

We are always looking for new tools to give more ways for students to create with their mobile devices.  Recently I started playing with a quick 5 second video iPhone app called Vine.

Tap the screen to record until the bar at the top is full!
Geared towards social networking and creating short videos to share on twitter, facebook, etc... the ease of the app and the fact that the video can be sent to your photo album on the mobile device and not shared makes this an app that could be used for some great classroom projects!

Turn OFF the "Share on Vine" 
With Vine, you record only when you have your finger on your screen.  The longer you hold your finger down, the longer you record.  It will stop you when you have reached the max length.  By tapping in intervals, it is easy to create the stop motion effect to the video.  Since it does save as a MOV file in your album, pull it into another video editing app or site to add music, titles, or adjust as needed!

Another app for stop motion video recording is OSnap.  OSnap alows you to use a series of photos from your iPad to create a stop motion video or time lapse video.  There are some great features in this app such as setting the camera on a timer, or snapping picture by making a loud noise.   The paid version of this app ($2.99) will allow students to pull photos from their photo album, which for time lapse projects in science would be handy.

iPad Apps for School did a nice write up on OSnap that you can find here.

Short Video made with Vine - starring MY FEET!

Uses for stop motion or time lapse videos in the classroom:

  • recording science projects of a set amount of time
  • explain a math problem with manipulatives
  • claymation or drawings retelling of a story (book report alternatives)
  • writing project (storyboarding and scripting are great ways to trick students into writing)
  • Collaboration and Creativity! Perfect project for group work. 

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