Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Evernote for Eportfolios - NCCE 2013


February 26, 2013 

Joe Buglione and Heidi Paullus
from Intermountain ESD in Pendleton OR

GTKY : Skitch n share

  • Photo of you, include text about where/what you do
  • Explore skitch
  • Pair up n share about you, 5 sec recap of evernote experience
  • Groups of 4, introduce partner to other two
  • Repeat with new groups of 4, new partners
  • email to portfolio

 Activity : ePortfolio Wordsift

  • create list of words you think of describing eportfolios, Click to enter those words here
  • Google Form then Wordsift those words
  • what is your reflection?  what do you want to contain in student portfolios?
  • email to portfolio

Post a Pic:

  • Walk about and take a picture of some identifiable with NCCE
  • Post this picture in your evernote
  • Post the picture with text which reads why it is identifiable for you to your portfolio

Using Your Evernote:

    Work in with a partner to help each other out through the following topics:
  1. Can you post different types of items; prompt "information about NCCE"? text, picture, voice, webpage, combination
  2. Can you view your notes using web interface, app, software?
  3. Interfacing with Evernote, do you know how to use the following: evernote website, web clipper, software on computer, with mobile device, via an app paired with evernote)
  4. Limitations using Free Account
  5. Sharing notebooks and privacy settings: Can you share a notebook with another evernote user, with the public?  Can you view a notebook being shared with you from someone else?
  6. Searching Evernote:  Can you search evernote and obtain what you want?  Did you realize you can search for text within pictures?
  7. Organization of posts: Can you create a Stack?  Can you modify stacks and move notebooks?  Can you move notes?  Can you work with Tags?
  8. Create a quick video using Tellagami describing what you learned about Evernote, Save to Camera Roll, then email to your portfolio.

Ways to Organization your ePortfolios

  • Under your account
    • Create Stacks and Notebooks
    • Students email using correct syntax
    • Limitations on total Evernote uploads
    • Teacher has total control over content
    • Can share notebook as necessary
  •  Student creates their own account
    • They share notebook with you
    • If free, you can not edit notebook
    • Students can upload easier with mobile devices and such
    • Students can upload more, with higher limits per student
    • Teachers organization still the same
    • Teacher has little or no control, just observing
  • Post a reflection of how you want to implement an eportfolio design with Evernote; email your reflection to your portfolio.

Evernote Trunk and other apps

Posting from Explain Everything  (the app ExplainEverything)
Posting from BaiBoard (the collaborative screen casting app BaiBoard)

Evernote articles and resources

 Other eportfolio options

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