Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iPad for Writing - NCCE 2013

February 27, 2013


  Joe Buglione
Heidi Paullus
from Intermountain ESD in Pendleton OR

GTKY - Trading Cards

  • Describe yourself using a trading card - real person
  • Blog reflection with our kidblog "How can you use the Trading Cards app in your classroom?"
    • Kidblog class/URL for the app :

Activity: Where is the Writing? 

Basic iPad functions -

Activity: Learn site words / vocabulary

  • Create a flashcard list of terms:  Bitsboard, Phonics Genius
  • Reflection write about Bitsboard and how you can use this in your classroom.

  • Vocab with Camera - Piccollage, Phonto, Storykit
  • Reflection write about Piccollage and how you can use this in your classroom.

Activity: Brainstorm

  • Concept Mapping - Total Recall
    • NCCE 2013 offers me ... 
  • Word Walls - iBrainstorm 
  • Reflection write about these concept mapping / brainstorming tools and how you can use this in your classroom.

Activity: Digital Stories

Activity: Workshop Reflection

  • Recap two highlights of what you learned and how you plan on implementing them in your classroom or job. Use Tellagami to record your reflection, save movie to your ipad, and if challenged upload it to your reflection blog.


Activity: A Creative Conversation

  • Collaborative Writing -  Google Story Builder
    • In groups of 2-4 with one ipad, write a short conversation using the blog characters  as the names and personalities, to address the prompt "What do you want to take back to your school after attending NCCE?"
  • Reflection write about how you can use Google Story Writer in your classroom.

Activity: Comics


Points to Ponder:

  • Conventions : Post is denied by students if conventions are not correct. EdModo, Kidblog
  • Journaling with Noteability ($), Evernote, or iDiary
  • Blogging with KidBlog, or Blogger: continued reflective posts throughout work session reflecting on various activities.
  • Giving them a reason to write:  what motivates them?  who is their audience? 

Thought Provoking Articles:

Web Resources:

  • Read Write Think
  • Word Hippo - Find synonyms, antonyms, and more
  • Google Drive - The app allows for simple modification of Google Docs, and in a collaborative environment.  More advanced editing still might need to be done via Safari.

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