Monday, June 18, 2012

Reflection - PC Alternative to Apple TV

A week or so ago Reflection released a PC client to their Mac version allowing Air Display for an iPad onto a computer.  It didn't take long to install and give it a whirl.  Here is what we like.

Reflection allows you to simultaneously display multiple iDevices at once on the computer screen.  Any of those displays can be re-sized with the mouse.  This will make a perfect opportunity for a teacher to allow students to share their creations with the class.

However, it is recommended that the teacher create a password for connection, to ward off any unwanted guests reflecting their own device from somewhere on the network.

If the teacher has Inspire or Notebook, you can use your pen annotate tool to write on top of an iPad screen enabling a more visual explanation.

Use a Snip-it tool, or a camera tool, to take screen shots of the iPad and embed them in documents, posts, wherever.

Price is reasonable.  And as always, be sure to work with your IT person and have them assist you with technical difficulties, as there can be a couple of settings to alter depending on your network.  In particular you need to enable multi-casting on the WAN, and be sure the firewall settings are not blocked for the software.

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