Monday, September 10, 2012

One iPad in the Classroom

We met with 20 teachers from around the region. All had varying levels of iPad experience.  Our goal was to tackle how to incorporate this tool into the classroom....when there is only one!

Here's a run down of ideas we brainstormed, apps we explored and/or activities we did:

*used SKITCH to introduce ourselves to the group. Fun photos were made using photo booth!
*talked about basic settings, making sure to have Find my iPad turned on and using FIND MY IPHONE, *using reminders to make a student list so students know who to pass the iPad to next...

*we used reflection on the computer to project creations, discussed how to use reflection to monitor the use of the iPad while it is out being used by students, and talked about pros and cons of reflection.

*after discussing ideas for using the iPad with the students the task was to use EDUCREATIONS or SHOW ME to create a screencast of one way they feel that they would use their iPad with their students.  We then did a pair-share of our creations.

*teacher use of one iPad in the classroom brought us to the topic of remotely controlling the computer with the iPad and we demonstrated SPLASHTOP 2, discussed linking your computer and the iPad with a google account, and showed how to control activinspire flipcharts from around the room.

*teacher use included also an explore time of eportfolio collections for students and two apps:  EVERNOTE and THREERING and collecting and posting assignments with EDMODO.

*more professional development use of the iPad included a discussion of using rss readers, blogs, and other apps.  A few of the apps we discussed were FLIPBOARD and ZITE for content consumption.

As I was updating this post on my iPad during the training using the simple little BLOGGER app (I also took and added the pictures with my iPad inside the app) I realized why quite a few of the participants walked away saying they were very "brain full" after it was over!  We covered a lot of apps!

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