Monday, September 24, 2012

iOS6 Update is out.

It's been out since last Wednesday, so this is your friendly reminder!
For most people this update can be done "wirelessly", meaning you do not need to plug into a computer to update.  I do caution - depending on your wireless strength, it may take 45 mins to 4 hours (I'm hearing various reports!) - so I suggest plugging your iPad into power and doing the install before you leave the office or go to bed at night!

To find the update go to:
          Software Update
It will then walk you through the steps.

There are many new features with this update - each depending on the device you have.  This update is for the iPad2 and the New iPad, newer generations of the iPod Touch, and the later iPhones.
Here is the Apple page on the new update showing some of the new features.
Since there are many, we will be posting on a few that we feel are the most beneficial to the classroom.

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