Friday, November 15, 2013

Learn Addition Algorithm with Math Edge

Math Edge has a series of apps to help children develop their understanding of basic math fact algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Try out the MathEdge Addition Lite and determine if this app will work with your classroom environment.

There are two options to choose from when starting this app, to Play or Practice.  If you choose to play, you will be provided 25 single digit math fact problems to see how fast you can answer the entire set correctly.  While answering, if you choose incorrectly the answer you selected appears red and slowly fades out until you type in a correct answer, which appears green.

If you choose Practice, you then select which level of practice: Easy which is single digit addition, Medium which is double digit without carrying, and Hard which is double digit with carrying.  This last set is perfect for practicing problems that require you to carry.  The example below shows how the app carries the tens digit up to the top after typing in 16 as the answer to 7 + 9, and awaiting to the user to type in 10 as the answer to 1+3+6.

If you enable the volume, students will be prompted how to work through the problems in all practice environments.

Try out the app, and if it works for you, MathEdge Addition/Subtraction app is $2.99.  There are corresponding multiplication and division apps.


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  2. I did check it out, nice resource.

    1. thanks for the post Joe! happy that you liked it!

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