Thursday, November 7, 2013

Talkboard - a Collaborative Drawing App

Talkboard is a simple to use drawing app providing the end user with a white background, three drawing tools, and many colors.

To begin using Talkboard, you must sign in so your work can be saved in cloud storage.  Most all our students have Google Accounts which makes this an easy to use option for our area classrooms.

One attraction I have with this app is the collaboration piece.  Talkboard allows you to share projects by email so others can work on a set of papers at the same time.  Students can brainstorm on an idea adding their own thoughts simultaneously.  Students from different schools can give each other math problems to solve, and watch how each other solves the problem.

Easy to see who are all currently editing this page

Inside a project are a series of papers, each paper containing content.  Easy recognizable icons show users if they are working collaboratively with someone else.

Try out Talkboard, an intuitive shared whiteboard space.

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