Thursday, September 13, 2012

Google Docs on the iPad? Updated Google Drive is here!

Google Document collaboration with the iPad is something we've all been waiting for and with the recent update to the Google Drive app, it's just made sharing and collaborating with Google Docs on an iPad much easier.  Though I am still waiting for Google Spreadsheet and Presentation to be editable, for now this update will certainly do for use in the classroom!

Before this update, docs could be done through the Google App or by accessing it through the browser.  Any of us who had been using it know it wasn't very slick, pretty glitchy, and for students it was a little bit overwhelming.  
Through the Google Drive app, things are now a lot more user friendly! 

Here's the new layout:

Start a new document, create a new file, add a picture, or upload from the photo album on the iPad (another way to share videos and photos between your iPad and computer without emailing!) :

Add collaborators by choosing the folder or file and clicking the small + button (circled in red):

Or click the "do something/action" button in the right hand corner to show all your available actions with that folder or file including share (add collaborators), rename, move in (move to folder), and remove:

When you open a file you default to a "view" version of the document:

In the "Edit" version of the document you have basic font options, alignment, bulleting, as well as being able to see current viewers as you would with Google Docs on through the browser.  You are able to watch real time collaboration with other viewers as they type or work on the document.

My wish list for future updates to the app:
  • Ability to add comments.  This is a current disadvantage for teachers who use this for editing comments and peer editing. 
  • Chat capability in the sidebar.  Disadvantage or advantage depending on the students! 
  • Ability to edit Presentations and Spreadsheets.  I hope this comes soon, though you can view both in this current version of the app.  
For basic collaborative writing or for student document management this app makes the iPad more viable for Google Docs with your writing instruction!  

Photos for this post were done using the snipping tool in Windows 7 along with the reflection app for the computer.  

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  1. This looks slick I will have to download it, thanks for the update guys.