Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finding Good Apps

Sometimes a few reminders of places to go and blogs to check out is a good thing!  And since the update, the app store has taken on a little different look.
One of my favorite places to look is CHARTS in the app store.

You can search the lists by categories.  Remember to check out more than just EDUCATION.  Try BUSINESS, PRODUCTIVITY, PHOTO & VIDEO..... many apps can be adapted to fit into lessons! 

I also like that it breaks the apps down by ranking in both a paid and free column.  

Of course there is also the FEATURED section in the app store as well (see below) which also will break apps down by categories and display them a little differently.  

Changes with the new update inside the SAFARI browser added in the iCloud tabs in which you can access your same tabs by signing into your iCloud on other devices and the update added a new layout for the action button (do something button as I call it!). 

You can use the "Add to Home Screen" option to mark some favorite blogs to follow to watch for good reviews on new apps. To practice, add our blog to your home screen or some other great resources that we have on our App Resource Tab at the top of the blog! 

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