Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free Math Apps!

There's been a price drop to free.  We like free when they are good apps by a trusted publisher.  No idea how long it may last, so grab it while you can.

McGraw Hill - Everyday Mathematics line of apps has dropped a few of it's apps to free.  To see all of the apps in their math line you can search "Everyday Mathematics" in the app store.

Addition Top It - Practice basic addition facts (0-10) and number comparisons.  It is a two player game that is quite fun and has great graphics with no ads.

Addition Top It for the iPad 
Addition Top It for the iPod Touch

Beat the Computer - Practice Multiplication facts (0-10) beat the computer game with 20 rounds.  It gives feedback and is available for both the iPad and iPod Touch.

Beat the Computer for iPad 
Beat the Computer for the iPod Touch

Monster Squeeze - Number recognition practice and number line concepts in a two player game.  5 rounds of play and can set the number line to a variety of number sets up to 30.

Monster Squeeze for the iPad 
Monster Squeeze for the iPod Touch

Equivalent Fractions - Practice fraction concepts by matching fractions with their visual representations on cards.  Win the game by clearing the board.

Equivalent Fractions for the iPad
Equivalent Fractions for the iPod Touch

Divisibility Dash - Practice recognizing multiples of a number and applying divisibility rules in a fast paced game.

Divisibility Dash for the iPad
Divisibility Dash for the iPod Touch

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