Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writing with iPads


iPads in Writing    Oct. 9th 2013

It’s not WHAT app I should use.  It’s HOW I should use it!

An Example from Grade 6:
Use technology including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and present the relationships between information and ideas clearly and efficiently.
GTKY Activity                                                                   *Trading Card App                                                                                                                                   
iOS 7 and iOS 6 

    *Gesture Changes
    *New Restriction Features 

Built in Features 

    *Spell Checker
    *On Screen Keyboard vs Blue Tooth
    *Speak Selection Tool
    *Voice Recording - Revision Tool  
    *Dictation (SIRI on iPad 3 or higher)
        *Dragon Dictation
         Audioboo  (website and app communicate)

Brainstorming, Mindmapping, Notetaking:
     *Paperport Notes

     * Simple Mind 
     *Total Recall

*iBrainstorm Companion
    * Padlet   (website - useable across all devices)

    *Educreations   (app and website communicate)

Just Writing:

    *Google Drive (need Google Account)
    *Pages ($$$) The Mac Word Program
    *Native NOTES app 

Writing Resource Sites:

    *Using Videos:  Example:  I can prove my dad is a space alien
    *Writing Prompts Sites:  Tumblr
    *  tap on:  “Lesson and Teaching Tools”along top blue ribbon

Blogging - Publishing Work:
Internet Safety and Copyright Lesson - Common Sense Media    
Class Blog:  (one iPad use)
Get Kids Writing: 
        *Edmodo  (Edmodo Website)

Alternatives to Book Reports and Essays:



             *Quizlet  (app and website communicate)

Additional Resources: 
**List from Technology Tailgate - Create Apps

             App Explore Time!  Choose App Resources Tab at the Top and  
        Explore “Writing  Apps K - 12” 

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