Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Primary iPad Classroom

GTKY Activity - PicCollage 

  • Picture Of Self, Name, School, Grade, 2 Stamps 

Basics Settings to Review - Group Time
  • AutoLock
  • Using Camera / Video
  • Take Screenshot
  • Saving a Picture off the Internet
  • PDF to iBooks - Children's Books Forever  - find a book and download it into your iBooks library  
  • App Purchasing 
  • Deleting Apps and Making Folders of Apps 
  • Guided Access 
Tech in the Common Core 

Audio Resource Exploring  (QR Codes) 

You will need the I-NIGMA app for this activity. 

Making QR Codes on your computer:  QR Code Generator 
Past Blog Posts with QR Codes:

Links that were on our QR Codes:
    Making Your Own Audio/eBook Library 

    Youtube - Channels, Privacy, Managing of Audio Library

    Online Storybook Playlist from IMESD  Save to Homescreen
    Educreations Online Storybook Playlist Save to Homescreen
    App Explore Group Time

    Letter Recognition/Beginning Reader

    Drawing/Fine Motor Skills 
    Creative Play/Games/Puzzles 
    Classroom Management Apps
    Share Out of Apps

    Activity Digital Story Telling 
    Additional Story Creation Options:
    Additional Resources:

    Free App of the Day from Smart Apps for Kids 

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