Thursday, October 3, 2013

Annotate on PDF using PaperPort Notes

Paperport Notes is a great free iPad app that allows you to annotate on top of pdf documents stored in your dropbox or google drive account.

Certain criteria to look for when previewing free apps are:
  • Does the app push out ads?  Paperport Notes does not.
  • Does the app allow you to work on more than one project? Paperport allows you to work on multiple projects at once.  This is great if you are using an iPad center in classroom where several students share an iPad during the day.  Each student can work on their own project and have it saved in the Paperport table of contents.
  • Does the app only allow you to share via social media? Paperport allows you to export a set of notes a variety of ways, including Google drive and Dropbox.

Paperport allows you to import pdf files from your google drive, dropbox, or straight off the Internet.  While working on a document, you can insert blank pages at anytime between any two pages.  Blank pages can consist of lined paper, graph paper, blank paper, or other documents.

Paperport allows you to annotate with a highlighter, pen, text, and voice recorder over any page on a pdf document.  In the text tool you can create text on top of a page, type on a stickie note, or insert an image.  You can insert multiple audio annotations on each page, saved for playback on demand at a later time.  Some advanced features include speech to text dictation and inserting text using the camera.

When Paperport projects are shared via email, google drive, or dropbox, the document is converted to pdf, thus audio is not shared.  There is an option to share via iTunes Docs Folder which will also share the voice recordings.

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