Monday, October 7, 2013

Restricting Websites on IOS 7

After upgrading to IOS 7 last week, there were some features this new operating system contained that were intriguing.  One in particular was the ability to control which websites were allowed or not allowed to come through on an iPad.

There are three choices for restricting websites:  All access, limiting adult content, or specific websites only.

If you want some tighter restrictions on content for teens or tweens, a good setting is "limiting adult content".  This setting allows students to navigate to most any kidsafe website, but should block the rest.  If you feel a site is valued and want to have access to that website, click "Allow website" and key in the 4 digit restrictions code.

Another example of using these restrictions is to select sites you want students to use in order to obtain research on a particular subject.  For instance, students could be researching about a state, an animal, Oregon Trail, or Lewis and Clark.  You can collect all the websites you want available for that research, enter them in the "specific websites only" list, and the rest of the Internet will become off limits during this time period.

If you are restricting sites on your iPad, when opening a new tab in Safari you are provided with colorful icon bookmarks for just those particular websites.

Restricting websites on an iPad further than your district web filtering has advantages, and now IOS 7 gives you rights to tinker with those settings.

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