Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little Stars Customizable Multi Player Skills Practice App PreK/Primary

Little Stars Toddler Game is a great Pre-K to kindergarten practice app for students.   This free app is ad-free, great layout, for both the iPad and iPod, and easy to use.   Students can work in one or two player mode, listen to the word, and choose the image that matches.  Correct answers get a verbal congratulations and moves their rocket along the path.  

The preloaded topics of the game can be seen below, covering many basic skills.  Teachers can choose which categories the game will draw from in the settings.

The power in this app, as well as most by Alligator Apps, is that the app is customizable.  Teachers can adapt the game to include categories of skills that may not be loaded already or modify the categories already loaded to match their curriculum materials.  By using the camera and microphone built into the iPad, this is very easy.  

Add categories like basic sight words, images from around the classroom or school, teacher and student names, etc. are just a few ideas for customizing the app for a specific classroom or student. In addition by recording the audio, this app could be customized in any language expanding the possibilities!

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