Wednesday, December 18, 2013

iPad Integrated into PE/Health

Agenda for December 18, 2013

Objective: To experience an example of iPad activities in several different categories, and share additional ideas generated by the group.

  • Create a Certificate of Achievement using PicCollage 
    • 4 Corner Groups 
    • Collecting Student Data
      • Fitness Test - an example google form
      • 4 Corner Groups - how do you collect student data and how are you looking to improve efficiency?
    • Coaching App Activity with Ubersense
      • SlowPro - Take video and watch it in slow motion
      • EasyTag - Create tags to chart occurrences of different performance indicators to display instant statistics of their frequencies
        • Create your PSA with Videolicious
          • 4 Corner Group create
          • 4 Corner Mixer shareout
        • Timers, Tests and other Health Related Apps (hearing, site, fitness, and more)
        • Brain Break App Activity
          • PopFlux Tournament 
          • 4 Corner Groups - Need popflux and discuss your brain break activites
          • PD for the teacher with Flipboard
            • #pegeek and other hashtags
            • PE & Health Community in Edmodo
            • Pinterest Boards
            • Reflection Walk Shareout

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