Thursday, December 19, 2013

A+ Spelling

A+ Spelling is a free app that involves the students from start to finish in an iPad environment which helps them master spelling lists.
I had the opportunity to visit a first grade classroom and observe how one educator implemented this app with her students.
Her first step was to review the spelling list of words with her class. 

Then each student enters their list on an iPad. One nice feature about having students enter their list is that they first type it in, and then the student voice records their annunciation.  Here is where it can get tricky, first graders tend to make a few mistakes during their initial entries.  Hmmm, imagine that.  Be ready to revise and re-record entries as students create their lists.

When the list is completely entered, there are several activities students can complete to practice their spelling competency. In each activity the student listens to the word, then types in their spelled version.

Finally students can "test" their word list, which will assess them over the entire list.  Students are instantly scored on their words providing them with an opportunity to respell any missed words, and also completely retest.  All test results are stored on the iPad.

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