Friday, January 18, 2013

Watching Videos in Class

iPads can bring a shift in the way teachers facilitate the classroom.  From a teacher directed setting there are many more opportunities to shift into student directed environments.  Here is a guest writers thoughts on how his students view short video clips, rather than show the one video to all students. 

"I'm finding that the iPads are a very useful tool for showing video clips as part of a lesson.  In my health class, I wanted the kids to view some video clips from Discovery Education as part of a lesson

Using my account with Discovery, I created a "lesson" that accessed several short clips.  This process in Discovery creates a student access code and a private URL link for each video clip that I can share with my students through an Edmodo assignment.  The students all have headsets (or they can bring their own) that allow them to quietly watch the videos on the iPads without disturbing others plus they can work at their own pace.  They can review the video as many times as necessary to complete an accompanying assignment, either on paper or on Edmodo.  It has been quite interesting observing a class of 30 students doing their lesson this way.

When using the iPads in this manner I have found it is more effective to use several short clips (1 to 3 minutes) instead one long video. This makes it easier for the student to replay the parts they missed. Another great thing is that the students can access the Discovery material through Edmodo outside of school if they missed class.  Discovery allows for student accounts, but this isn't necessary with the private URL that can be shared on Edmodo.

The "old way" would have been to show the full video to the entire class at once.  They would see the video only once, there would be the usual classroom distractions, and some students wouldn't be able to see the classroom screen from the back of the room.  They also wouldn't be able to rewind the video for review." - Rob Doherty, Science Teacher at Armand Larive Middle School in Hermiston OR.

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