Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Find apps with TechChef4You

Are you searching for a free middle school app to assist with teaching math, or possible a primary app to assist with teaching reading?  TechChef4You, an app, offers a great data base where you might find some valuable resources including apps and Pinterest boards to integrate into your curriculum.

When looking at the app, click on different places off the picture to obtain various information.  For starters, click on the bowl full of apps to bring up a query tool.  

Select your device, grade level, and a category to bring up results based upon your inquiry.  Then find the app you desire and use the link to install it onto your device.

Select the social media icons off the wooden spoon and read through different social media posts.  For example, choose Pinterest, and then be sure to scroll down to find different Pinterest boards for ideas.

Pinterest boards available
from techchef4you

You can also select the RSS pot on the stove and read through the TechChef4You blog.

Instead of searching Google, try looking through TechChef4You for great ideas and apps to help you with integrating iPads into your curriculum.

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