Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BaiBoard - A Collaborative Interactive Whiteboard App

BaiBoard is a free multi-page collaborative virtual whiteboard available for the iPad.  Like many apps designed for businesses, educators have thought outside the box and are using it as a viable resource for their classrooms.

One high school teacher uses BaiBoard and his iPad as his slate.  BaiBoard gives you the ability to share the virtual whiteboard with an IP address.  He opens a browser on his computer connected to a projector and is able to present material to students while using a stylus on the iPad, walking around the room as you would a slate. 

BaiBoard tools consist of several pens, up to four pages, and the ability to bring in images or documents.  For instance teaching math you could bring in a xy coordinate plane and for creating graphs, or take a picture of a students solution and annotate over the top.  The board contents remained saved associated to the board number for future reference until the board owner clears it.

A second pair of elementary teachers use BaiBoard's collaboration piece to have students work together to solve math problems.  Once you create a new board, you can return to that board providing you remember the board number.  You can also have multiple authors joining one board.  Thus, students in two different schools join the same board on iPad's at each school, and collaboratively work on math problems.

Here is a video of one 3rd grade classroom using BaiBoard.  Students would post problems from classroom A, and students in classroom B would solve them.

In rolling out the app to this 3rd grade class, the two teachers agreed to have their students join specific board numbers at the same time, with some students in each class on the same board.  It took under 5 minutes for students to find the chat feature inside BaiBoard and thus communicate with each other.

 BaiBoard is a nice collaborative virtual whiteboard available free for the iPad.  Give it a try. 

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