Monday, November 19, 2012

Screenleap - Easily Share Your Desktop

Screenleap is a website that allows a person to share their desktop for viewing with any device with an internet browser. Great for districts allowing BYOD!

The first thing I think of  is sharing presentations out to the devices in the students' hands for easier viewing.  For students sitting in a large classroom, trying to take notes from the board, having the capability to snap a screenshot of the slides of a presentation to refer to later is a great tool.

A middle school math teacher in our region recently used this app with students in her class.  "I have the clickers out and students are working on problems and sending in answers.  It has been wonderful. Students are watching their iPad screens while I'm using Activeinspire and writing without any problems."

Ease of use for this site is great - no sign up required.  Once you choose to share your screen it gives a 9 digit access code.

Students access your screen on their device by going to the same site ( which could easily be added as a bookmark on their home screen.  They then enter the same 9 digit access code to view what the teacher is doing on their screen.

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  1. Hi,

    You should also give Mikogo a try for screen sharing in the classroom. It sounds like you've really found an effective way of teaching with mobile devices, which is great. Mikogo will also allow you to easily and instantly change the presenter to one of your students, thus allowing them to point something out that may be unclear to them, or alternatively give their input visually.

    Have a look at our website, which offers a free download for up to three users:

    Thanks and good luck!

    Spencer Dunfee
    Mikogo Team