Monday, November 5, 2012

iPad Case with Duct Tape?

Just passing along Lon Thornburg's post from his about a great use for duct tape.   Sometimes in the field of education we need to 'MacGyver' a tool to use and this is the perfect example of how duct tape filled a need when purchased holders were not working for this student and his wheelchair.


iPad Case with Duct Tape?

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Out in the schools the other day, I visited one of my favorite students that has CP and is in a wheelchair. We were able to acquire an iPad for him last year through our regionalUnited Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Oregon and Washington. The wheelchair mount and plate wasn't working well for him and so the team got a roll of black duct tape out and voila! ...a really cool adapted iPad case complete with a foam inner core slanted for his lap and a belt to go around his seat to hold it on.
Pictures are worth a thousand get your roll of duct tape and imagination out and start building!

Sliding the iPad in:
The slanted foam core:

The cover without the iPad inside:

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