Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recap of App Share Out from March 14th

During our app share out yesterday a lot of great apps were mentioned!  

Some great free ones of note:


               Itunes Link: Qwiki 
Explore topics visually.... 
a great app in a one iPad classroom for things such as listening practice, building background knowledge of a subject, and doing fact gathering.  There is also the Qwiki website:  

Some great elementary math apps were shared as well.

Itunes Link:   Ihave 

I Have Who Has 
Math game for more than one player, this would be a 
great game for a math center with 4 students with levels from Easy to Extreme.  Though it may look it, this is not purely an elementary math game.  With negative numbers as well, this can easily reach into middle school grades.  

Itunes Link:  Sticker Shop

Students can always use money practice!
This fun app allows students to choose a sticker and then must use the money to give the correct amount.
Very simple concept, great practice with money! 
You could extend this by giving the students story problems such as: 
 If you were to purchase the tomato and the giraffe, how much money would you need all together?  

The last app I'll talk about today is a paid app, but having been an elementary teacher, and seeing this app used by students in a 1st grade classroom, I feel that it is well worth it! 

 Itunes Link:  Fluency - Michael Tillyer

Many of you have asked about this app, and like I said, having seen it used, it's worth the money.  It uses dropbox in conjunction with the itouch or iPad to record your own passages for fluency assessing or checks.  The key is, YOUR passages.  
From the itunes store preview page:


Teachers and parents help your children become better and more confident readers.
** Children use the power of self correction to improve their own reading skills.
** Add any genre or reading level to Fluency for your children to read.
** Students can zoom in or out of text for their reading comfort.
** Students can very easily submit their best reading to their teacher.
** Excellent for Second Language learners, speech and resource students.
Fluency uses Drop Box to display reading scripts. Children can then record their reading and listen to it record it again or easily send their recording to their teacher.

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