Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Money App for the Classroom

Lil' Kitten Shopping Cart Game 

This app requires students be able to read on their own to some extent.  Student must help Lil- Kitten choose items from a shopping list that Mama Cat gives to Lil' Kitten.  Of course there is a budget and Lil' Kitten's goal is to stay as far below the budget as possible in order to have the most possible money left over.  With saved money the Lil' Kitten then gets to choose a toy from the toy store.

This app could be made into a center, as the game is set up already for good money practice.  This could extend into using it to write their own story problems for others to solve using scenarios in the game.
Here is a youtube demo of the game:

Notice that there are more than one brand and price for the items on the list!  This requires the students to do some thinking and looking before choosing what to put in their cart.  This could extend into upper elementary and middle school levels by sparking a discussion on brands, pricing, and finding the best deals in stores!

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