Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New iPad and some Free Apps!

Apple just announced it's new iPad - seriously - it's called the New iPad.  Increased resolution, better camera, HD video recording, retina display, 4G.... I could go on.

Price point the same as the previous version with 16GB wifi starting at $499.  I could see some pretty nice benefits in the classroom with an increase in the photo abilities - that's always been my biggest complaint about my iPad2.  Word is the cost of the iPad2 will drop by $100.  You can get more info here: Mashable Live Event Blog.

Also announced:  iPhoto for the iPad  Released today for $4.99

More Importantly- Utah Coalition for Education has their list of free apps for the day.  This is a good blog to bookmark and check in on from time to time!

One of the free listed today is:

U.S. Presidents! - JWVincent  US Presidents App - reference guide - great for 5th grade social studies.

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