Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ask3, a Collaborative Screencasting App for the Classroom

Many of us in education have a few "Go To" apps we think work well in the classroom.  Some of these apps are free, while others come at a cost.

For example, Educreations is a great free screencasting app, or you can pay for a different screencasting app called Explain Everything which contains many more rich features.  However, the question comes up quite often how do students share their creative content with the class?

Try Ask3.  This is a wonderful, free, screencasting app designed for collaborative classroom use. iPad only with IOS 6.1 or later.

To begin, a teacher creates themselves a teacher account.  Then they create a class which uses a class code.

Students sign up with their first name, and the class code.  No email or online registration required for the students.

Anyone can create a screen cast video using the basic tools, such as annotations, record, and inserting images.  While creating the video one can pause and start throughout.  However, there is not a feature which allows you to modify your audio content without starting over.

Once a person thinks their video is ready to share, they upload it to the class with a title.  Everyone in the class will find all the videos in the "Bulletin Board" section.

While viewing the video one can leave comments, both in written form and as a video.  The cool aspect is you can pause the original video, then leave your video comment creating a video beginning where you paused.  A viewer can also star videos and/or comments that they want to flag as helpful.

This tool can be great for math students to share math problems or exit tickets, science students to explain concepts, social studies students to share map annotations, elementary students to share animal or state reports, and much more. 

Give this app a try, as it may become one of your "Go To" apps.

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