Wednesday, May 8, 2013

McLoughlin High School iPad Training

Objective: To explore various categories of implementing an iPad into a High School Classroom/Curriculum.

After you get to the website, click the Share It button and "Add to Homescreen"

Screen Casting / Video Libraries

  • Baiboard - A screen casting app that allows you to share via IP address with browser
  • Educreations - A screen casting app that allows you to record a lesson as a video
  • Khan  Academy - A video resource using screen casting as the medium for videos.  Note there is an app
  • MathTV - A video resource on people showing how to solve particular math problems
  • Hippocampus - A video resource supporting Math, Science, and Social Science
  • Knowmia - A collection of screen casting videos by teachers.  Note there is an app.
 Finding More Information
  • iDeviceinthemtns  - Our blog covering iPad resources
  • Flipboard - A social media magazine, you can create your own
  • Twitter Feeds #ipaded, #edtech 
 Apps as tools - these apps do not include feedback

Apps as practice/intervention activities - these apps do provide feedback

  • 5 Dice - Roll 5 dice and use operations to equal a target numbers
  • Adventure Ball - Different physics based games, level based
  • Quizlet  - Create your own flashcards
 Story Telling
  • 30 Hands - Use pictures and annotate to create your story
  • Loopster - A high end movie making app, free
  • HaikuDeck - Create a slide show like powerpoint, and encourages images versus words

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