Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Math Manga High is now iPad Compatible

Often times teachers comment, "iPads are wonderful, but they can't do ..." and usually referring to a flash based online resource.  Math Manga High, an online math teaching resource, recently completed an overhaul so that their entire website can now be viewed on an iPad.

If you have not peered into Math Manga High, you need to check it out and give it a try.  This is a math resource offering practice to students in a gaming environment, thus students are highly motivated to continue playing.

There are two types of games available from Math Manga High. The first type are called Prodigi's, which allow students to work through a series of questions aligned with a particular selected Common Core Standard.  Math Manga High has started adding curriculum aligned to High School CCSS.


These questions are adaptive and progress through the material based on how a student answers.

Once the game is completed, points are awarded.  Teachers can set a goal for students to achieve Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal status. Students keep playing the game (answering additional questions) to earn more points.  Also,  as the student plays a second, third, ..., tenth time the questions continue to adapt, with the objective to reach Hard and Extreme level of questions.

There are also several themed games available for practice.  Such as Ice Ice Maybe, where a student practices estimation skills with the objective to get Penguins from one island to another.

Teachers should assign student logins for all their kids, so Math Manga High can assist in data collection for the teacher.  Individual game stats are recorded, as well as student growth data.

Try Math Manga High, your students will be so motivated that they will continue playing math games at home.

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