Thursday, April 4, 2013


Have you wondered about what it means for a product to be generic?  How about whether or not Fairy Tales can be true?  Do you wonder if tics can make you sick?

Wonderopolis is a free app that provides you with a Wonder of the Day.  This wonder begins with a "Did You Know" section which contains an explanation of the inquiry.  This is great non-fiction reading source for students. For instance, generic products began appearing on shelves as white boxes with black lettering.

The second section is "Try it out".  This is where there are exploratory experiments designed to allow students to further their understanding of a wonder by completing an investigative activity.  For instance, an activity is suggested to go with a parent to the grocery store and compare brand name products with generic products.

The Wonder Words section provides a list of vocabulary words key to the topic.  Some words in the generic wonder word list include brand, product, aisle, staples, generic, and prescription.

Wonderopolis is a great, clean app providing students with interesting topics to read.  If you want to investigate further, please check out the website, where there are videos and more that correspond to this resource.

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