Friday, April 12, 2013

Create, Build, Explore, Problem Solve with Creatorverse

For all the future engineers in the classroom, Creatorverse is the app for them!  
This is the perfect app for exploring physics.  
From bouncing balls to creating creatures, the free version of Creatorverse has plenty to create a sandbox for students to explore the effects of gravity, friction, density, and much more.  I love the vocabulary and ability to adjust each object and view the results instantly make this an addicting app!  Upgrade to the advanced tool box for $4.99 and have access to rockets, magnets, and many more tools.  The wide range of possibilities and tools makes this an app that can move from primary through adult.   

Create contraptions! 
Play with the pull of gravity

Adjust characteristics of each object

Create Movable Images

Explore other shared creations to see the possibilities!
Pinball machines,  moving creatures, trigger mechanisms, input/output...
there is so much to explore!
The opportunities with this app are endless, critical thinking, creation, collaboration.... all in one great app! 
Tutorials on the different tools and more information on the app can be found at their website:

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