Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maginification - There is an App for That

I've been caught without the proper tools too often during the past six months.  I'm becoming to dependent upon reading glasses, but don't take them with me everywhere, yet, so when I'm trying to read a menu at a restaurant I'm becoming very good at asking for the recommended dishes. 

One particular instance I was eating at a restaurant with friends and we thought, I have an iPhone, "there is an app for that".  After previewing four quick free maginifier apps later, it appears we have one that does the trick. 

You are thinking why not just use the camera on the iPhone.  That works, but it doesn't shine a continuous light.

Magnifier Glass with Light has the following functions:
  • a slider to zoom in and out up to 5.0
  • the use of continuous light shining on the subject
  • brightness control of your light from 10-100%
  • ability to take a still picture and save to camera roll
Students will enjoy getting magnified images from insects, leaves, fabric, and many other sorts of photos they think of.   Oh, and the teachers, you will have your reading glasses with you at all times.

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