Friday, March 22, 2013

Loopster - a Free Video Editing App

iMovie is a great video editing app, and one many iPad users navigate to.  Pinnacle Studio came out a while back and is comparable.  Yet some people ask if there is a free version that would work nearly as well, since they are only creating one project.

Loopster might be an answer, and as today it is free.  Hurry and install this app while the price is right.

Features Loopster has are the following:
  • You can put in transitions between video clips
  • You can use video and still pictures
  • You can modify the audio of existing video tracks
  • You can add an audio track
  • You can split video into segments
  • You can add text overlay
  • You can alter a segment to play under slow motion
  • I haven't seen any ads running on the screen, nor watermarks on your video.
  • You can save to camera roll or share online to youtube, facebook, and more
  • You work on multiple video projects
A great option with a perfect price for those that want to tinker with digital video.

For those with students using iMovie, download and have students create videos using both apps and provide you with an academic evaluation comparison between the two products.

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  1. CutStory is a video editing app for Instagram stories. It makes it easy to chop a longer video up into the required length for Instagram Stories (15 seconds maximum per clip). This way, you can repurpose longer videos—from your brand’s YouTube library, for example—and create more robust content without having to continually stop and start the camera.